5 Reasons for Duct Cleaning

by | May 8, 2012 | Home Improvement

Air ducts in HVAC system can be the source of a number of foreign particles in the air that cause the deterioration in the air quality. Mold spores, pet dander, pollen and dust mites, can accumulate in the ducting and cause illnesses among residents. Some home owners hire professionals for regular duct cleaning while others get the ducting cleaned on an as-needed basis.

The reasons why home owners prefer to get ductwork cleaned:

1. Provides residents with improved indoor air quality (IAQ).
2. Eliminates presence of allergens and house molds that can be injurious to health.
3. Removes dust and debris from the inner lining of the ductwork.
4. Improves the air flow within the ductwork.
5. Reduces energy bills by improving efficiency of HVAC system.

Experts have some doubts to the efficacy of duct cleaning to improve air quality and remove dust. However, you can consider duct cleaning for your home in the following situations:

1. Recommended if you have water damage and mold growth in the ducts. Mold growth can be stopped by taking care of the water damage issue, and then cleaning out the ducting to remove mold. It may be more cost-effective to remove the affected ducting and replace with new ducting instead.
2. Recommended when moving into a new home that has been recently constructed. Construction crews can leave behind drywall dust, pieces of fiberglass and sawdust that can find their way into the ducting. Construction crews in renovation projects for older homes can also leave behind blockages and clogs in the ductwork.
3. If you encounter trouble with airflow from your furnace, inspection of ductwork can reveal blockages. If cleaning does not solve the issue, expensive replacement work might be recommended.
4. When you invite a new addition into your family, many home owners feel duct cleaning can provide a clean environment for the infant.
5. An infestation of vermin in the ductwork can advocate cleaning.
6. Debris and dust are entering your home from the supply registers.

There are potential benefits and disadvantages to air duct cleaning. If a family member, or resident in the home, suffers from chronic allergies and lung problems, you can get the ductwork inspected and cleaned by professionals. The use of treatments like chemical biocides should be avoided. Before hiring contractors, interview a number of service providers and check their references. The homeowner should only hire those licensed contractors with experience in duct cleaning. Schenectady home owners can rely on local contractors for rigorous clean-up using state of the art equipment.

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