Thinking About a Retractable Awning? Here’s What You Need to Know

You wanted to enjoy your back yard, so you installed a deck in the spring. You loved and enjoyed it for the first few months, but summer time hit and you have found that the sun shines down relentlessly on the deck and you can hardly stand to be out there for more than a few minutes. This is not what you had in mind! A retractable awning may be the answer.

Cool Comfort All Year Round
The beauty of a retractable awning is your ability to choose sun or shade any time. If you enjoy the morning sun, there is no need to deny yourself as you would if you built a permanent roof over your deck. Simply retract the awning and enjoy your morning sunshine. Then when the sun gets to be too much, simply extend the awning and enjoy instant shade and its cooling effects.

Protection for You and Your Loved Ones
Retractable awnings made from fade-resistant acrylic will not only protect you from the heat of the sun, they will also protect you from dangerous UV rays. This offers you an additional layer of protection from these damaging rays that cause aging, wrinkles and can even cause skin cancer.

Entertain in Your Outdoor Space
A retractable awning will also give you the ability to entertain outdoors and allow your guests to enjoy the yard you are so proud of. Drinks on the patio are so much more enjoyable without the sun beating down. You might even consider serving breakfast or brunch for your friends and family, after you have enjoyed your morning coffee out there a few mornings. Before you know it, you will be tempted to eat all of your meals out under your awning! Don’t be surprised to find your house and yard the place that everyone wants to meet.

Patterns and Colors to Fit Your Style
Retractable awnings are available in nearly every color of the rainbow; because they are fade-resistant, they are designed to last. You can choose solids or stripes to complement your home’s style and color. The beauty and functionality of a this type of awning will add value to your home; more importantly, it will enhance your home and your enjoyment. The best additions are those you can enjoy for yourself from the beginning. A retractable awning fits that bill perfectly!

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