Tips for Choosing a Wood Stair Railing in Newport Beach Contractor

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Furniture

Custom wood staircases are definitely the trend of the century in the home improvement niche. An increasing number of homeowners are thrilled by the idea of personalizing their stairs and adding a new touch, which is both vintage and modern to their homes. A wood stair railing in Newport Beach is definitely a great addition to your home.

At first, choosing the right wood stair railing in Newport Beach might be overwhelming. From choosing the right design to selecting the materials and finally the contractor, each wood stair railing design has multiple variations. Hence, doing some research firsthand can save you a lot of money, plenty of time and can give you the peace of mind needed. Below are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the right stair railing for your home.

1. Style: the overall theme of your home should complement your railings and vice-versa. For example, if you have a Victorian-style house, a wood stair Railing in Newport Beach would probably look perfect. Conversely, if your home has a more modern design, featuring a box shape appearance, stainless steel railings or frameless glass railings might work better in the grand scheme of things.

2. Consider the materials: it is wise to think of the following three aspects when choosing your materials: style, practicality and cost. In case you are overwhelmed with so many choices, do not hesitate to call an interior designer and ask for help. You can also ask the experts from William’s Wood Works to give you advice on what material is the best choice in your case.

3. Take into consideration what your neighbors have: while it is very important to choose a railing design that complements your style of home, it is equally important to select a railing that matches the style of your neighborhood. For example, if all your neighbors have composite or wooden railings for a more traditional look, do not go with high-end metal or glass railings. Drive around your neighborhood and take a look at your neighbors’ railing before sticking with a certain design.

For top-quality wood stair railing in Newport Beach do not hesitate to contact William’s Wood Works.

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