Tips for Detecting a Slab Leak

In the plumbing industry, a slab leak is a term used for a small leak that has developed below a concrete floor in a copper line. Slab leaks are also commonly known as concrete slab leaks or foundation leaks. Having a slab leak doesn’t mean that your foundation is leaking, but that the plumbing located under or in the foundation is leaking. The aftermath of one of these leaks can be devastating and a complicated fix. If you have experienced a slab leak Hemet CA plumbers can help you keep your dangerous foundation leak at bay.

Common Leak Symptoms
It’s not always clear right away that you have a foundation leak. Some common signs include a higher than normal water bill, wet planters near your home, wet base boards, hot spots on the floor, water on the floor or carpet, water coming from below the water heater or the sound of water running when nothing is on. If you notice any of these unusual symptoms, contact a professional plumber to inspect your home for any leaks.

General Causes of Leaks
There are a number of reasons you may be experiencing a foundation leak. The four most common include corrosion from soil chemicals, pressure from shifting in the ground or human error, abrasion due to long term vibration or a construction defect. When you hire a professional plumber, they can determine the exact cause of the leak and find a viable solution.

Getting the Job Done Quickly
When dealing with a foundation leak, it’s vital to get the repair done before the damage becomes more extensive. Ignoring the problem can cause the damage to spread, many times causing irreversible structural damage to your home’s foundation. The cost of this service generally depends on the size of the gap, but acting fast can prevent property damage. Click here for more details.

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