Tips for Home Wasps Control in Savannah, GA

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Pest Control

Wasps tend to be most active during the hotter months of summer, so many homeowners are currently looking into the Wasps Control Savannah GA residents need to avoid being stung. The best way to prevent an infestation is to take proactive measures toward keeping the pests under control. However, if wasps have already taken up residence in or around a home, there are still steps homeowners can take to get the situation back under control.

Cover Foods

Wasps are often attracted to food sources containing protein and sugar, so it’s best to keep them covered even inside a home. The wasps tend to find sugary beverages like soda and lemonade uniquely appealing, though they may also go for things like fallen fruit and even pet food. Keep all of these and other food sources covered whether they’re outdoors or indoors to make the area seem less appealing to wasps.

Deny Access

Unlike bees, which often create hives outdoors in trees, wasps tend to nest in dry, dark places. That’s why it’s best to check the home for potential entry points and to seal any cracks around doors and windows and repair any torn screens or unsealed vents. If there are already wasps near the home, but they haven’t made it inside, take some time to perform a thorough inspection to prevent them from gaining access before they begin to nest.

Wear Dark Colors

Summer is one of the most pleasant times to relax in the shade outside, but it’s often impossible to avoid some wasp encounters. Keep in mind that they’re attracted to bright colors and sweet smells, and try to wear dark clothing and avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays when spending time outside.

Know When to Call a Pro

If there are already wasps nesting in a home, it’s always best to start looking into Wasps Control Savannah GA property owners can trust to help them safely remove these pests before someone gets stung. Savannah Termite and Pest Control offers wasp inspection and control services, helping homeowners get rid of the wasps they already have and prevent future infestations. Visit Online to learn about one local pest control company that can help.

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