Tips On Whether You Need a New Roof From The Best Roofer In Nashville

Most homeowners start to figure out that their home needs a new roof when they spot serious faults such as chronic leaks in the ceiling. Some homeowners even resort to repairing their roofs for leaks without identifying the major cause of the problem. Leaking roofs could be due to many reasons, so make sure to hire the best roofer in Nashville to inspect your home before committing funds to repairs that may not be reliable for a longer time. Below are some tips on what determines if your house needs a new roof:

The Age of the roof – The age of your roof could be a pointer to the leaks you are experiencing every winter. Most roofing experts concur that a typical roof will last about 20-25 years. However, this will depend on a number of factors, including the experience of the roofer and the materials that were used to put up the roof.

Curling and buckling of roof shingles – Roof shingles that appear curled or buckling are sure signs that you could be looking to a new roof. You can notice this by checking the roof slopes that are exposed to direct sunlight to see whether the shingles have lost their granules. When shingles lose their granules, it means that they have reached the end of their useful life. Moreover, it could also indicate that your roof is defective.

Check the valleys – if your shingles are beginning to fall apart, it is a typical sign that you need to replace the roof immediately. Valleys are some of the key areas on a roof that you cannot ignore. Rainwater, snow and ice flow through valleys, so if valleys are faulty, your roof could be vulnerable to leaks.

Missing shingles – If you are unsure about re-roofing your home, these could be the clearest signs that your roof has reached its life expectancy. If you suspect that there are missing shingles, contact a professional to check whether all the tabs are still intact.

Check the gutters for granules – Look carefully in your gutters to find out whether granules have accumulated in the gutters. Most roofs have a tendency of losing their granules toward the end of their life-cycle.

The above tips from the best roofer in Nashville will help you save your home from further damage and avoid losing lives and property due to roof collapse.

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