Tips To Sanitize Your Home In Atlanta, GA

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When people of any age have sensitivities, allergies or more serious respiratory health concerns removing as much mold, mildew and bacteria from the interior air and surface of the home is critical. This can be done by professional cleaning services to sanitize your home in Atlanta, GA on a regular schedule and essential daily and weekly cleaning in between.

There are several important places not to miss when you clean and sanitize your home in Atlanta, GA as part of your routine home care plan. By ensuring that these areas are clean, dry and fully disinfected you will minimize the bacterial and mold growth that can contribute to respiratory and health issues for a large number of children and adults.

Instead of just focusing in on the obvious places to clean and sanitize your home in Atlanta, GA consider the following less commonly considered areas.

In the Kitchen
Cleaning all surfaces of the kitchen is very important, especially areas that are wet, warm and out of the way when it comes to typical household cleaning. For example, drain pans under fridges can harbor significant populations of all types of contaminants and routine cleaning with a mild bleach and water solution is important.

In the Bathroom
Areas where moisture accumulates from condensation, drips and even splashes when people are showering or bathing can be fertile grounds for colonies of bacteria or molds. Remember to clean grout not only in the tub and shower area but along the floor and where the fixtures and the floor meet.

In addition areas behind fixtures, such as behind the toilet, can also be ineffectively cleaned unless they are targeted on a weekly basis. New cleaning products and options can be very helpful in getting into these awkward to clean spaces.

In the Laundry Room
Drains, vents and even washing machines and dryers can create ideal situations of humidity, moisture and heat to allow bacteria and molds to grow and thrive. Make sure all dryer vents are operating correctly, clean vents and lint screens on a regular basis and clean your washing machine as indicated by the manufacturer.

The good news is that when use the cleaning system offered by Georgia Specialty Services you can prevent the risk of mold and bacteria growth both immediate as well as in the future. With sanitizing equipment and solutions they can really clean your home and allow you to enjoy fresh, healthy air again.

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