Transform the Appearance of Your Garden with Stone Veneer in San Diego

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Home Improvement

Manmade stones are the best option if you want to create a natural outdoor environment, so why not opt for stone veneer in San Diego? When you take a walk along the beach or through the mountains and see natural stones speckled across the landscape, you may dream of introducing these into your home but the truth is they are normally too heavy to transport. This is why stone veneer in San Diego is a good idea because with this landscaping option you can get stones that look just like natural stones. The only difference is that they are lightweight and designed with latex molds.

Versatile Option

The versatility of stone veneer in San Diego makes this a popular option because they can be manufactured to be fitted on absolutely any surface. Examples of the surfaces that stone veneer can be adhered to includes drywall, concrete, metal and wood. This is not the only reason why this stone is so versatile though, because no two stones of this kind are the same. This is how the story goes with natural stones too, so you can really fool your friends into believing that you plucked the stones from the wilderness. This stone is easy to cut and can be purchased in various textures, colors and shapes.

Lightweight and Transportable

Because thin stone veneer in San Diego is so lightweight, it can be moved with ease. These products are normally crafted from color pigments, Portland cement and lava rock. When these substances are combined, they create a realistic stone effect without the heavy weight. The weight of this stone makes them very appealing to people who want to do installation without professional help and if you will be moving properties, you can easily move the stones from one outdoor space to another. Stone veneer is also very easy to cut, so it can be installed in the tightest of spaces and you don’t need special skills to fit them.


Although you can purchase natural stones from various places around the world, the cost is normally very high. The reason for this is because natural stones are unique and if they were to be shipped, the transportation costs would be excessive. To save money, buy stone veneer in San Diego which is cheap to transport and relatively affordable to buy from a company that sells products for exterior and interior projects. Also, because you can install them yourself, you need not pay a professional to visit you and do the job on your behalf.

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