Types of Low Voltage Garden Lights

If you are looking for lighting options for the yard, then you probably want something with a softer glow and a lower voltage than your indoor lights have. Most low voltage garden lights only use 12 volts, which make them much more energy-efficient and safe. Low-voltage lights are often used to accent certain areas of your property such as walkways, garden paths, patios, decks, and flower beds. There are a few low voltage garden lights for you to choose from to light the outside of your home, read on to find out about a few of them.

Downlights and uplights are popular low-voltage lighting options. Downlights make the areas where they are pointed look like the moonlight is shining down on them, and make the perfect complement to trees, when used to shine down into your driveway. Low-voltage lights can be set up on the ground and aimed up at something; if you put them under trees the upward lighting will show the shape of the tree. Backlights are the same thing as uplights, you put them behind an object to make that object stand out from the rest.

Pathlights are another safe outdoor lighting option. These are just what they sound like, lights to light garden paths and walk ways. Not only do they add a certain romantic elegance to your yard, they make walking on them safer as well.

Spotlights can be gotten in low-voltage as well, and are used to highlight a certain area of your yard. Flood lights also come in low-voltage and are often used to shine upon a broader area than the lights above. Flood lights are used more for protection than the other lights, as their presence tends to deter burglars. If you prefer a flood light that has a dimmer on it, a halogen light is a good choice.

Low-voltage outdoor lights have a ton of uses, and there are many options, designs, and styles out there to choose from. These types of lights aren’t just made for how pretty they look in your garden and yard, they are made to increase the safety of walk-ways, pool areas, and garden paths as well. Visit TouchStone Accent Lighting for all of your lighting needs.

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