Understanding The Purposes Of Panic Bar Installation

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Locksmith

It’s kind of an odd name, but the emergency exit bar in commercial establishments is commonly referred to as a panic bar. It’s also called a crash bar. The intention is for people to only use it when the situation makes them to panic about getting out fast. If there is no emergency, the alarm that goes off when the bar is pushed alerts staff members that someone is sneaking out an exit door that is not normally supposed to be used. Panic Bar Installation can be performed by a skilled locksmith to help prevent theft and other unwanted occurrences, as well as to provide an emergency exit.

This equipment allows business owners to keep certain doors locked so nobody can get in those doors from the outside. The bar unlocks the door. Without this equipment, people would have no quick way to get out of back doors and hallways doors, which would cause serious issues in case of fire, a terrorist attack or another life-threatening incident. People simply push the bar that was installed by a service such as Able Lock Shop, and the door opens.

The equipment was developed in the early 1900s after a theater fire proved fatal to hundreds of customers. The doors had all been locked to stop anyone from getting in without paying for a ticket.

Panic bars do not have to include an alarm, although an alarm is a common feature. Consider a door where people must push a horizontal railing forward to open it. That’s a version of a panic bar as well. It stops people from getting in through those doors while easily allowing anyone who is inside to exit the building.

After Panic Bar Installation, it’s rare for the alarm to be accidentally set off, although this can happen. A young child who doesn’t understand the reason for the equipment, for instance, may push the bar to open the door. Someone from another country who is unfamiliar with these emergency exit devices also may figure it’s simply door-opening equipment. Staff members should be instructed about how to smoothly handle these rare occurrences. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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