What Are The Warning Signs You Need A Rodent Pest Exterminator?

There are many reasons a homeowner may need to call a Pest Exterminator, but there is one pest that it is especially crucial one is called for. Rodents can not only cause damage to a home and increase the risk of fire, they can also spread diseases that can affect humans and cause them to become sick or even die. Aside from being able to actually see a rodent in the home, there are often signs homeowners can look for so they will know if these pests have taken up residence. The sooner an exterminator is called, the sooner the home can free of these disease-carrying pests.

• Signs of rodents in a home include:

• Gnawed holes in walls, especially around the floor

• Rodent droppings

• Torn up nesting materials such as paper and cloth

• Chewed wiring

• Food crumbs

• Holes in food containers

If a homeowner notices any of these signs, they need to call a Pest Exterminator right away. An exterminator will come in and first determine what type of rodents are present in the home. This is crucial information so the exterminator can decide what type of extermination method needs to be used. Once the exterminator has determined the best method of treatment, they will work to discover how the rodents are getting into the home so the homeowner can take action.

There are a few options when it comes to removing rodents from a home. The exterminator may use live trap options for larger rodents and a combination of kill traps and poison bait stations for smaller ones. Each of these offers benefits and the exterminator will use the method that will remove the rodents as quickly and safely as possible.

It can take several days for the full process to be finished. The exterminator will work to remove any rodent carcasses to ensure the home does not begin to smell. A thorough cleaning of the home is advised once the rodents are gone.

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