Use a Chimney Installation Service in Chicago to Build a Safe Chimney

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Many people add fireplaces to their Chicago home to have some heat if the power goes out during the winter. In addition to creating the fireplace, they have to hire a Chimney Installation Service Chicago to build a chimney. The chimney ensures that the fireplace has proper ventilation to support a fire and then removes the smoke from the home. If a chimney is not built or maintained properly dangerous chemicals can seep into the home. It could also start a house fire. Therefore, local building and fire codes closely regulate how chimneys are constructed. It’s important to hire contractors who understand how local inspectors want chimneys built.

The size of the chimney is determined by the heating space of the fireplace. The technician will measure the fireplace and then determine how big the chimney needs to be. Often homeowners put the fireplaces in two rooms back-to-back, so they can share a common chimney. He will then determine which materials to use to build the chimney. The heat within a chimney can reach over 1,110 degrees Fahrenheit, so all materials must be heat and fire resistant. Traditionalists use firebrick and mortar, while others prefer a steel or ceramic flue liner. If the Chimney Installation Service Chicago decides to use a flue liner, they must be careful to size it properly. There has to be enough space between the masonry and flu liner to allow the liner to expand and contract freely. Some building codes also require a chimney builder to use ceramic fiber paper. This can withstand heat over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. View the website for complete details.

After a chimney is constructed it has to be topped with a chimney cap. This prevents water from running down the chimney. Depending upon the style, it may also keep animals from crawling down it as well. Flashing is used to attach the chimney to the roof and prevent leaks. Homeowners should wait several days for the cement and adhesives to set before they build a fire in their fireplace. Anyone who is curious about the process to build a fireplace can check out sitename. They will learn more about the different chimney styles and the materials used to build them.

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