What to Do When you Have an Appliance Emergency

by | Jun 22, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There is nothing worse than having your refrigerator break down in the middle of a three-day weekend, when it is full of food and drink and you are ready to relax and enjoy your nice long weekend. What do you do with all that food? Some people might opt to run down to the store and pack the unit with ice, but using your refrigerator as a glorified ice box is going to have a limited effect, and you’ll run out of ice eventually.

Another option, possibly, is to get to know your neighbors by ringing their doorbells and asking them if they can store some food for you. It used to be in many American communities that it was perfectly all right to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask to ostensibly borrow a cup of sugar, so why not ask now to store a cup or two or last’s night’s leftovers? Do you really want your open margarine container and your half-jar of mayonnaise and your pack of bologna or Worcester sauce sitting in your neighbor’s refrigerator?

When faced with an appliance emergency, it’s better to sidestep all the contingency plans and start with Plan A: Call a Round Rock appliance repair service to come out and fix it. Get it done without prolonging the suffering, or making clandestine trips to your neighbor’s house in order to get a midnight snack, or trips every few hours to the store to buy more ice. A Round Rock appliance repair technician can come at any hour and can get your unit running again as quickly as possible.

Most Round Rock appliance repair technicians understand that we live in some hard economic times, and offer special promotions on appliance repair, which could be beneficial. Of course, you can’t schedule your appliance to break according to whenever a good promotion is in effect, but you can probably work out a payment agreement if you are particularly low on cash. It doesn’t hurt to ask, in any case.

What happens if your stove or refrigerator suddenly stops working? Will you be standing in your pajamas cooking eggs for your neighbor bright and early in your neighbor’s kitchen as well as for yourself? No need for that. A Round Rock appliance repair technician will come out to fix the most necessary appliances on an emergency basis.

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