What To Look for When Choosing a Roof Contractor Kansas City

Once a severe storm has passed and you’ve stepped outside to assess the damage, you may find yourself looking at a roof that needs serious repair or even replacement. Whether hail has compromised the shingles and gutters on your roof or high winds have blown a tree limb onto the roof, causing structural damage, you’re going to need to call an expert to repair the damage. Unfortunately, untrustworthy fly-by-night roofers cruise neighbourhoods after a storm, promising to do the repairs for a steep discount. You’re likely to find that, once they’ve departed, the job was done very poorly if at all. So how do you find a trustworthy Roof Contractor Kansas City?

First check the company’s business license and tax ID number as well as the office out of which business is conducted. A reliable company should have a permanent business address. Some states are now requiring contractors to register their businesses and display an ID number that clients can reference when checking on the roofer’s legality. At the very least, check to see whether complaints have been lodged with the local Better Business Bureau. If your neighbours have had roof work done recently, ask for recommendations.

The roofing contractor you hire must be insured. If he isn’t, you run the risk of paying for any damage he does while on the job or any injuries his workers may sustain. A reputable roofing contractor such as Task Construction should carry both liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Ask to see the proof that he has both of these types of insurance, and stay away from a contractor who doesn’t have the insurance coverage or won’t show you proof. It’s essential that the contractor’s insurance and worker’s compensation remain in effect while he’s completing your job. The peace of mind you’ll have is well worth the time it takes to ask for proof of insurance.

Finally, get more than one estimate and don’t automatically take the lowest offer. It may turn out that the roofer providing the lowest offer is the best contractor for the job, but too frequently that isn’t the case. The quality work the Roof Contractor Kansas City provides, the materials he uses and the pride he takes in his work can be more important factors than the cost of the project. Prices that seem too good to be true often are after you deal with poorly done or unfinished work. Visit website for more information.

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