Dryer Vent Cleaning in Darien, CT is a Must for Efficiency and Safety

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Darien, CT is a Must for Efficiency and Safety

Commercial dryers for clothing require less frequent vent cleaning than residential models. However, this service is important to have done every three years, especially if the machines receive heavy use. The cost of commercial units is considerable, so neglecting the removal of large amounts of lint and other materials is not a good financial decision. Eventually, the buildup of this material will lead to increased energy costs, premature wear of the equipment, and it can be a fire hazard. Dryer Vent Cleaning in Darien, CT is an essential service for commercial laundry owners.

How does this clogging affect the equipment? The machines must run for a longer duration in order to achieve complete drying if the air flow is blocked to the exhaust. The steamy air simply has no way to escape, and the moisture is left on the clothes for a longer time than necessary. Machines that run longer will wear out more. Operating expenses increase and eat into the facility’s profit. Also, customers don’t like spending more time or money to dry clothes, so they may go to a competitor. One can easily see the domino effect this all has on the bottom line.

The dryer vent cleaning service on a regular schedule will keep everything running hot as needed. It will also keep a commercial laundry business from going up in flames. A plugged duct will make the units work hotter, and this could easily spark a fire with highly combustible lint. In fact, many insurers are now asking these enterprises about the last times the vents were cleaned by a commercial service. If it is not done, and a fire happens, it is likely that the insurer will try to pin the blame on the laundry owner for insufficient maintenance.

Of course, a dirty dryer vent is not the only cause for potential fires. Electrical components are always at risk for malfunctions. Parts such as switches and thermostats fail. But a clean dryer is beneficial in many aspects, so it makes sense to have the service done in order to reap the financial and safety benefits. Laundry customers will thank responsible owners with repeat business.

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