Good Toilet Hygiene Includes Sanitary Toilets

To reduce any risk of illness, infections or possible disease, everyone; man, woman and child should practice good toilet hygiene. The proper wiping and cleansing after urination and defecation; along with hand washing and maintenance of the toilet area are all important for sanitary toilets.

Perhaps one of the most important elements of personal toilet hygiene is hand washing. There is a right way and a wrong way to wash your hands after using the toilet. The right way is to hold both hands under running water, a thorough application of soap and bring it to a full lather. Rub both the back and front of your hands, use a scrubbing action; get between the fingers and under the nails. A good hand washing will take a minimum of 20 seconds. Once the hands are clean, rinse them well under running water and dry with a clean towel. In the event no towel is available, do not wipe your hands on your clothing, simply let them air dry.

Cleaning after urination and defecation can be done either with an ample supply of toilet paper or by using a bidet.  Rarely do you find a bidet in sanitary toilets in the US; the normal method is to use toilet paper. Many people prefer to use sanitary wipes instead of toilet paper due, although they are much more expensive. It is important for women that the wiping motion is from front to back to avoid contamination and the possibility of spreading germs to the genital area.

Children must be taught good toilet hygiene right from the time they understand what the potty is all about. Once they are old enough to exercise some degree of muscle motion, teach them the proper way to wash their hands and wipe. These motions will stick with them through life. Both boys and girls should be taught the right way to wipe, and boys should be taught that the bowl is for urinating in, not beside or on.

A number of people carry a disposal toilet seat cover and wipes with them in the event they have to use a public restroom. Touching any of the fixtures should be avoided if at all possible. Wash your hands in the prescribed manner and then use a paper towel to turn the taps off and to open the door when leaving.

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