Top Things To Consider Before Tree Removal

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Home & Garden, Tree Service

If you have a tree—or trees—in your yard or somewhere on your property that you wish to have removed, there are some very real factors you should consider before simply picking up the telephone to have someone come out and cut the tree down. Tree removal in Arlington is an important thing for many people, with the abundance of very large old growth trees in heavily populated areas. Many trees over time have serious issues with limb failure and can pose dangers to people in the area. Other trees may simply be in a space that homeowners wish to use for something else. Whatever the reason, be prudent in thinking through all of the ramifications of cutting down that big old tree.

Obviously, you should ensure that you work with a licensed and experienced arborist for the removal of your tree to ensure that it is done in the most efficient way possible. This not only is best for the tree but also for any landscape or vegetation around or near it. This includes the grinding and removal of any remaining stumps as leftover stumps can impede your ability to plant future trees or other plants, flowers and shrubs. A licensed arborist will also ensure that any tree removal in Arlington is conducted in such a manner as to avoid or minimize damage to any structure or other plantings nearby.

Another factor to consider in your landscaping prior to removing a large tree is what the impact of the removal will be on the immediate area. Typically a large tree provides shade in certain areas, dependent upon which direction the sun hits where the tree was. As soon as you remove the tree, unless there is sufficient remaining tree coverage after the removal, your previously shady or filtered sun area may become a full sun location in your yard. This will dramatically change the nature of your home yard and garden plantings. Imagine if you have a large bed of hydrangeas that receive a perfect amount of filtered light thanks to the growth of a very large tree. If you remove that tree and the area where the hydrangeas are planted is all of a sudden filled with hot, direct afternoon sun, you have some other changes to make. You will either need to plant something in place of the tree that can immediately provide sufficient shade for the hydrangeas or you will need to move the hydrangeas as they will bake and die in hot, exposed afternoon sun.

It is clear that tree removal in Arlington has effects beyond an individual tree. Taking the time to assess these effects and plan ahead will help you down the road. To get more information, click here.

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