New Windows: Another Way to Cut Energy Costs

New Windows: Another Way to Cut Energy Costs

New window installation in San Antonio might be something you expect to do only when a window gets broken but new window installation could be a great way to save on energy costs.  Your windows could be a source of draughts as well as climate problems year round. They could even be the source of unnecessary moisture that could contribute to dampness and mold growth — which could be dangerous.

Yes, it costs an investment, of course, to have new windows installed but the cost could be recouped in fairly short order when it starts to dramatically reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. And the price of a healthier home environment is something you can’t really attach a dollar figure to.

Old windows can have substantial draughts coming in. And newer options could be double-paned as well as more attractive-looking with better functionality for opening and closing as well as home security. In addition to new windows going in with a better seal to keep warmth in during the cooler months and to keep the cool air in during warmer months, you could also have doors and your attic assessed too to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. Many people lose heat and cool air unnecessarily through inadequate insulation in their attics, for instance. Do you know how efficient or inefficient your home really is? It could be time to get some professional advice.  That way you can see where there are potential improvement areas.

Book an Energy Evaluation

Some windows installation San Antonio companies will offer you an energy evaluation so that you can determine whether or not replacing some or even all of the windows in your home could help you save money on energy costs.

And whether you’re thinking about selling now or in the near future new windows could also boost your home’s appeal to buyers. Not only do new windows look great for curb appeal but listing recent windows upgrades as a selling point on your home could substantially up the perceived value, too.

Worried about saving up to pay for the costs of new windows? Installations and windows could be less expensive than you think. And some window installation San Antonio companies also offer financing, meaning you can benefit from better windows and lower home utility bills sooner rather than later.

Want to explore replacement window installation? San Antonio residents can feel free to call us for an energy evaluation and / or a quotation. Visit Shaw Company Remodeling to learn more.

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