If You Don’t Have a Chemical Free Pool, You Are Missing Out

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Home Improvement

Why should you clean your pool without chemicals? Think about what chlorine is, and does. Sure, it kills algae and bacteria, but it also harms your eyes. The smell is particularly pungent, and you can’t touch it without it irritating your skin. Take a look at your bathing suit after spending a lot of time in a chlorine-cleaned pool, and you might wonder if the same fading effects are hitting your skin. Well, they are! As far as chemicals go, chlorine has its uses, but if you do a cost-benefit analysis, you lose more than win.

Cleaning With Chlorine Has its Costs

Chlorine is incredibly effective at killing bacteria and algae, which are bad enough on their own. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only denizens of pool water you need to worry about. All of the chemical effectiveness of chlorine goes out the window when facing viruses. Viruses are resilient and more than able to stand the test of a chlorine assault.

Luckily for you, we at Clearwater Pool Systems make use of ionization technology, which achieves the basic effects of ridding your pool of algae, bacteria and viruses, but without need for chlorine. When charged the right way, copper and silver ions effectively wage a war on your pool’s bacterial and viral guests, making your pool safe to swim in. Normally, you’d need to regularly treat your pool with chlorine. Ionization eliminates that need, setting you up with a chemical free pool that looks and smells great.

We think such a pool, cleaned naturally and safely, is better for everyone. The benefits of a having a chemical free pool cannot be overstated, but don’t just take it from us.

Remember How Bad Chlorine Can Be for You

Again, think about what chlorine does to your skin, your eyes and your clothing. If the pH levels are all off, your swim could be cut short by severe eye or skin irritation. The smell of chlorine doesn’t exactly bring to mind a beach so much as a doctor’s office, or for those with more imagination, the pool shed. We want your pool to be a place where you can relax for as many hours as you want, with the peace of mind that comes from not needing so many chemical additives to make your pool swimmable all throughout the season.

Leave Pool Smell behind Forever

With a pool ionizer provided by Clearwater Pool Systems, you can enjoy a chemical free pool visit each day. Thanks to us, you’ll soon be able to say goodbye to the days when a visit to the pool was linked to many a red-eyed stare in the mirror. Gone will be the need to immediately shower after your swim, lest you end up smelling like a walking, talking chlorine dispensary. We want you to walk away from your pool remembering your swim, not smelling like it.

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