What to Do When You Think You Need a New Roof

What to Do When You Think You Need a New Roof

If you start to see curling or missing shingles in your roof, or hear the steady drip of water somewhere in your home, you probably need to get a new roof. Unfortunately, this is not the type of job that can be handled in a do-it-yourself fashion. It is crucial to secure the services of a quality roofing company to give your home a new roof.

Finding a Company
When searching for a company, always try to go with a local company. Local companies will have more experience in your area, and you can speak with people in your community to see whom they trust. If you need roofing in St. Augustine area, you don’t want to go with a company that’s based on the west coast. Read reviews for each option, and go with the one that seems the most reputable. When you meet with them, keep an eye out for signs of professionalism–or lack thereof. A good warranty, a well-organized, typed contract, and an open, friendly demeanor are all things to look for in a prospective roofing company. Avoid any companies that offer services for suspiciously low prices, as those prices are probably from bad craftsmanship or poor materials. HW Contracting is an excellent in St. Augustine.

Choose Your Roof
You have a number of options for roofing material. The most standard option is the basic asphalt roofing shingles. These are generally the least expensive and most popular choice. They are lighter than most other materials, though they won’t last longer than 20 years. You can also go with fake slate, a heavier material that holds up against the weather extremely well. It’s relatively expensive, but not nearly as much as slate would be. Metal is another choice. It’s moderately expensive (especially copper) but quite easy to install, metal roofing can stay strong for a very long time. Clay tiles are another option, often favored by those in southern climates; it is very heavy, and can only be used by a roof structure strong enough to support it. You can also choose wood shingles, but they are falling out of favor, as they are difficult to maintain and flammable.

When you’re building a new roof, you are building safety and security for your home in the future. You want a company that will take care of you with the best materials possible, and will never cut corners for costs.

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