A Heating Repair Company Offers Tips for Heat Pump Maintenance

When the heating and cooling system of a home involves a heat pump, its function is a big part of the home’s comfort. This allows a home to stay cool in the summer or warm and cozy during the winter months. When a heat pump is in top-notch working condition, the equipment will run at the most energy-efficient level. Here are some things to consider for proper operation and maintenance of a heat pump.

Filter Maintenance

It is important to check the filters each month to make sure there is no dust, dirt,¬†and grime building up that will interfere with the air flow. Clean or change them when necessary so the system doesn’t have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. When filters require replacement, changing them every four to six weeks is recommended. There are some higher-end versions that only require cleaning every six months. The next time a technician is out for maintenance or Heating Repair, ask about the proper cleaning or replacement for the particular filter that is used with the system.

Equipment Outside

The outdoor equipment needs to be wiped down regularly. This is even more important for those that are constantly exposed to the elements. Make sure that clutter and trees are not around the heat pump or compressor. Also, make sure that shrubbery and plants are not crowding the system. This can interfere with the operation too.

Verify that the gutters and downspouts of the home are at a good angle. They shouldn’t be draining near the heat pump. The equipment also needs to be elevated at a proper level. There should also be enough clearance around the unit for cleaning and Heating Repair.

Maintenance by a Professional

The entire heating and cooling system of a home should be serviced by a professional annually. This allows an expert to give everything an inspection, including ducts, vents, coils, and other critical components. They will inspect for adequate airflow and check for any refrigerant leaks. If repairs are needed, they will evaluate the extent of the problem and advise on a solution.

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