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by | Mar 11, 2014 | Plumbing

Modern plumbing systems are far more complex than those of the past. Many of the energy-saving changes commonly seen in new construction lend themselves nicely to older homes as well. Perhaps the most dramatic changes have occurred in the way domestic hot water is supplied.

For years, the most common water heaters used have been gas or electric fired tank-type heaters. Cold water is drawn into the tank and heated by a gas burner or electric heating elements. The heated water then exits through another pipe that supplies bathrooms, laundry areas and kitchens. These water heaters, when properly sized, will meet the demands of most homes. The water heaters typically last for several years with few, if any, maintenance issues. The problem with tank-type water heaters has always been a lack of efficiency.

Typically, the water heaters hold from 30 to 55 gallons, although some other sizes are available. That means all water in the tank is kept at a steady temperature needed to supply hot water demands. However, most homes do not use hot water 24 hours per day. The energy used to keep that water hot is simply wasted. A plumber the Woodlands suggests that a large percentage of utility costs can be directly attributed to heating domestic hot water supplies.

Virtually any plumber the Woodlands will say that while tank-type water heaters work, other types of water heaters are more efficient. Companies like Myers Plumbing Services, Inc. provide two common options for homeowners to consider when replacing a water heater.

First, tankless water heaters heat water only as it is needed. There is no need to keep a large volume of water hot all the time. When tankless water heaters were first introduced, there were issues with performance, but newer models are reliable and energy efficient. Larger homes, with bath and kitchen areas split, often have multiple tankless water heaters installed.

The newest, and most energy efficient hot water heater, is the hybrid water heater. It is basically a traditional tank-type water heater with additional components that act much like a heat pump, drawing heat from the air around the unit. Although these units are expensive, Consumers Report suggests the units will pay for themselves within five years. Installing this type of unit will save consumers money immediately, and are becoming increasingly popular. Visit site for more information.

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