Advancing Technology of Key Access

Introduced for commercial use in 1995, automobile transponder keys have been known for reducing vehicle theft and challenging auto locksmiths for years. Finding replacement transponder keys in Topeka, KS can be difficult if you’re not sure what specific kind of key you’re looking for or where exactly to look.

The word transponder is short for transmitter and responder. When the transponder key is inserted and turned in the ignition, a radio signal is sent to the key from the car and the engine will only start if the key sends the correct signal back, indicating it is the right key for the vehicle. Each key not only has the unique physical attributes we’re accustomed to that turn the lock but must be programmed correctly to disable to cars immobilizer.

When searching for a replacement transponder key in Topeka, KS it is important to contact your dealer to make sure you are in fact looking for a new transponder key. Dealerships will oftentimes replace transponder keys for free while your vehicle is still under warranty, which can save you the expensive cost of an electronic key replacement. In some newer models, the transponder key is connected to a key fob, which is used to remotely lock and unlock doors. If the key fob is connected to the transponder, it can be difficult to find anyone other than the dealership that is capable of repairing the key.

Most locksmiths that specialize in automobiles are equipped with the proper equipment to program your replacement transponder keys in Topeka, KS. Electronic keys run a higher price of repair than traditional metal due to the need for programming experience or knowledge. For some car models, the programming of the key is as simple as leaving it in your engine for a certain amount of time, or hitting the correct order of buttons. Checking your owners manual can help you determine if you need a locksmith or dealership to fix the problem.

With technology advancing at an incredible pace, it only makes sense that what we use to access that technology also advances. If you find yourself frequently losing your keys, you can get a copy of your key without the transponder, which will give you access to your car but will be unable to start the engine. Finding a locksmith capable of creating a replacement transponder key Topeka, KS can be stressful, especially if you’re locked out, but can be as easy as a quick online search for an auto locksmith or a close-by dealership to handle the issue.

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