Benefits of Industrial Water Treatment

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Business

Water is water, right? In actuality, that idea is both inaccurate and misleading. Water must be treated, regardless of whether you want to drink it or run it through heavy machinery. Cities utilize water treatment facilities for their residents, who then may use water softeners, conditioners, or descalers to further temper the water to their liking. On the industrial level, however, it is just as important to treat any water used. Effective water treatment will protect your pipes and equipment against bacterial growth, corrosion, and lime scale build-up. Here are a few of the benefits of proper job site water treatment.

Prevent Disease and Limit Bacteria Growth
As you know, you must keep track of government and environmental regulations that apply to your industry. Water and sanitation-related issues cause many fully preventable diseases. Two of the leading causes of unfit water are improper storage and preparation. Improperly stored standing water serves as breeding grounds for bacteria. It is important to treat the water using industrial water Electrodeionization System such as steam boilers or cooling towers before use.

Consider the Potential for Reuse
Water is essential but can be expensive to consume, store, and discharge. If your company uses proper water treatment techniques, you may be able to revive and reuse the water from one stage or process to another. This is ideal for industries that use water consumption or energy in multiple stages or areas of the job site, but it is also practical for any company who wants to eliminate their waste water removal costs. By safely reusing water, you will quickly lower your overall water consumption and energy charges. With better water treatment systems in place, your company will be much more cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Block Lime Build-up
Many people prefer using treated soft water for daily tasks such as showering and doing laundry. What individuals may not realize, however, is that soft water is also much better at preventing lime scale build-up in pipes and appliances than hard water. This is just as true for the pipes and equipment on job sites, because untreated water can react or interact directly with the pipes that carry it. Untreated water contains many metals and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that can cause leaks, slow flow, corrosion, and complete blockages.

Repair and replacement costs can quickly skyrocket, which means that proper prevention is key to avoiding major headaches in the future. For the best industrial water treatment, consider investing in a salt-free and chemical-free hard water descaler. Water softeners are designed to lower the mineral content but will not do much to eradicate lime scale. Descalers, on the other hand, release ions that attack lime scale and prevent future build-up. In addition, lime descalers require much less maintenance than water softeners and are designed to be sturdy and weather-resistant. Consider your water treatment options and see how they can benefit your job site. Contact Agape Water Solutions, Inc.

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