Do You Need Chinese Drywall Remediation Florida? Here’s How to Find Out

When homeowners started complaining of foul odors and corrosion after installing Chinese drywall, it seemed like a minor problem. However, the severity of Chinese drywall has increased over the years and many people are investing in replacement projects. Chinese drywall remediation in Florida is important as it keeps your home safe and in good repair.  But first, you have to find out if you have the affected Chinese drywall installed in your home.

How to find out if you have Chinese drywall

  1. One of the most common signs of Chinese drywall is a foul, sulfurous smell. You will notice a strong smell that resembles the smell of rotten eggs coming from your walls.
  2. You may also notice that the metals which are in close contact to your drywall have begun to corrode faster than normal.
  3. Chinese drywall remediation may also be required if there’s black corrosion on the wiring that is close to your walls.
  4. Sometimes electrical appliances start failing after installing the new wall. This happens because the Chinese drywall has chemicals that attack the copper wiring on appliances and electronics causing them to malfunction, sometimes permanently.
  5. You may also need the drywall remediation is your drywall was installed before 2001. Most construction companies were importing Chinese drywall between 2001 and 2009 so you are at a high risk if your home was built within this time and you’ve been seeing some of the symptoms mentioned above.
  6. Look out for the unfinished areas of the drywall, like in laundry rooms and basements. You might see some Chinese characters and markings which indicate that the drywall was imported from China.

When to consider Chinese drywall remediation Florida

Have you just found out that you have Chinese drywall in your property? Unfortunately, the only solution is to have the drywall completely removed. A complete replacement is done to ensure that the drywall doesn’t emit toxic gases that will put your health at risk.

Chinese drywall remediation in Florida must be done by an expert. Trying to remove the material yourself is risky because there are hazardous materials like lead and asbestos which you may not know how to handle safely. Furthermore, if you want to be sure all traces of the Chinese drywall are eliminated, you need to hire an expert.  You need to ensure the Chinese drywall is no longer in your property by hiring a contractor you trust.

To find out if you need Chinese drywall remediation Florida . The contractors offer testing, inspection and removal of this defective drywall.

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