Check References First For Air Conditioning Service In Oahu

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Buying an air conditioner is not like buying a car. The exact same car is available from multiple sources, so people buy on price. Buying an air conditioner is more like planning an elegant tile floor. The identical tile might be available from several dealers, but the installation will determine whether or not the floor meets expectations.

An improperly installed or sized air conditioner will not meet the expectations of the owner, even if the unit is the best available. Either or both can result in chronic a/c problems. Checking references is very important when buying an air conditioner.

A/C Size – Too Big or Too Small

Some contractors use a rule-of-thumb method to calculate the correct size instead of taking the time to do the Manual J load calculations for air conditioning service in Oahu.


An under-sized unit will run constantly, causing the unit to need more frequent repairs, shortening its useful life and costing more to run.


Some contractors intentionally sell a larger unit than is needed. Consumers are not normally bothered too much by this, thinking that a little more capacity will be good in the long run. Actually, that extra 1/2 ton can do more harm than good.

When an a/c unit is over-sized, the units tend to operate on very short cycles since the heat load can be removed in a short time. This results in elevated humidity levels, since there is not enough time for the coil to effectively remove moisture from the air. In addition to being uncomfortable, the humidity contributes to the growth of unhealthy mold. A correctly sized unit removes the humidity, minimizes the risk of mold, runs the most efficiently and costs the least to operate.

Potential Installation Problems

1. Poor connections in the ductwork result in air leaks.
2. The outside unit must be placed correctly to allow for air flow.
3. Electrical errors can cause circuits to trip or insufficient power.
4. Too much or too little refrigerant can result in overheating or a frozen unit.

Air Source Air Conditioning is happy to let their customers speak for them. This family-owned company knows what they’re doing and stand behind their work; technicians arrive on time and prepared to do the job. They will be there for the initial installation, if any problem arises and for routine Air Conditioning Service Oahu. Give them a call and feel free to check their references.

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