Choose the Best Flooring Option at a Flooring Store in Rockville

Homeowners have some big decisions to make when they decide to install new flooring in their home. It helps when they can go to a flooring store in Rockville MD and see all of the options laid out in a organized manner. The helpful and well-trained staff can explain the differences among the different products. There are many kinds of carpets from plush to Berber. Hardwood floors can come in a variety of colors and the floor boards can be sized in a variety of widths. Selecting the proper flooring products is just the beginning. They then have to be installed carefully and precisely to look good and wear well.

The Renaissance Floor and Carpet Company has 16 years experience helping their customers through this process. They offer a variety of flooring choices including hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, ceramic tile and bamboo. Therefore homeowners will find a flooring material that works with both their budget and home decor. Some customers who have just purchased a home may think they need to replace their worn hardwood floors. After talking to a company representative, they may learn that all the flooring needs is to be refinished and resurfaced. When a customer deals with a company that also provides these surfaces, they know that they will get the best advice possible.

Each type of flooring material at the Flooring Store in Rockville has its own set of advantages. Engineered wood is a beautiful flooring material. It is made up of several layers of wood sheets. The top layer is the wood that the customer wants to see on their floor. Below this layer, there are several layers of wood material bonded together. Because of this construction engineered wood resists moisture and adapts to temperature changes better than 100 percent hardwood flooring. This makes it the perfect flooring for a basement. Laminate flooring looks like a wood floor or other natural material, but never needs to be waxed or sealed. Bamboo flooring is the eco-friendly choice for many families. It is also moisture resistant, fire doesn’t spread through it easily and bugs and insects aren’t attracted to it.

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