Easy Ways to Impress Your Sarasota Customers This Winter

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Cleaning

Whereas businesses in some parts of the country experience decreases in customer traffic during the winter because of poor weather conditions, that’s not usually a problem for those located in Sarasota, FL. As a business owner there, it’s important to give clients good impressions of your company by doing things like working with specialists who provide corporate cleaning. Sarasota professionals can help your business shine through the winter and beyond.

Hire Cleaners Without a Long-Term Commitment

Depending on the type of services you offer, the winter months may offer more opportunities than normal to attract new customers. Make sure those clients are impressed and choose to hire a team of people who are experienced in corporate cleaning. Sarasota cleaners from JMS Cleaning can come to your business periodically without requiring you to sign a long-term contract. That could give you a great incentive to begin using cleaners in the winter, and continue throughout the rest of the year.

Pressure Wash Your Building

In the world of real estate, people often talk about curb appeal, and how when a home looks good from the outside, it’s often easier to attract a buyer. That same principle applies to the business world, too. Make sure your company’s exterior looks appealing by hiring a team to pressure wash your building as part of an agreement for corporate cleaning. Sarasota experts can do the job efficiently and make sure you love the results.

Redecorate the Interior

After hiring someone to help with corporate cleaning, Sarasota business owners often figure that’s enough to please clients. It does help a lot, but a clean building can also spark your inspiration to redecorate the workspace so it looks more spacious and welcoming. Whether you buy new furniture or just rearrange existing pieces, the outcome might earn you compliments from clients, as well as employees.

Take advantage of the characteristically pleasant Sarasota winters and use the time to make sure you’re doing everything possible to cater to current employees while attracting new ones. Contact us at JMS Cleaning to learn more about how we can keep your office clean inside and out.


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