Choosing A Cleaning Service

Choosing A Cleaning Service

Keeping ones home clean seems to be a never ending, thankless chore that consumes a considerable amount of what could be free time. If you find that your life is rotating around chores such as mopping the floors, dusting all the surfaces and vacuuming then perhaps it is time to consider hiring a cleaning service in Long Island to remove this burden, allowing you some much needed free time to enjoy your family and other activities.

Professionally staffed cleaning services can be brought in on a regular schedule or they can be hired to help with cleaning prior to a special occasion that is in the planning or even for demanding tasks such as cleaning the basement or garage.

It is not difficult finding the names of service companies that provide professional cleaners. Most cleaning services are insured and bonded and fully licensed. To ensure that you hire a cleaning service in Long Island that you are happy with there are a number of steps that you should take.

Interview: There are a considerable number of cleaning services, interview several before you commit to hiring. Ask the company to provide you with references and make sure you actually check them. Cleaners will be in your home usually when no one else is and you must be comfortable with this. Perhaps trust is one of the most important hiring criteria; the cleaner will have complete access to everything in your home.

Cleaning supplies: It is common practice for the cleaners to arrive at your home with everything they need to do their job; this includes cleaning chemicals, brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners. If you or a family member is allergic to a specific chemical discuss an alternative with the company.

Areas to be cleaned: In many cases the homeowner will designate specific areas in the home that they want cleaned while others are to be left untouched. There are also times when the homeowner will want certain areas attended to more frequently than others. Whatever you, as the homeowner wants should be something that the cleaning service in Long Island can deal with.

Payment plans: The quoted price for the cleaning service is important of course, so is the method of payment. Payment arrangements should be discussed before agreeing to the service, the company may have an established policy that suits you, if not then discuss a plan that is acceptable to you, perhaps after every visit, or payment against a monthly billing.

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