Cladding products of the 21st Century!

Most homes use traditional hardwood timber as their main construction material. As we know, this is susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Heavy rains soak and increase the chance of rotting of the wood while the intense heat of the sun makes it brittle and weak.

Cladding is often used to provide an additional layer of protection on various parts of your home where rainwater can easily seep through and destroy the underlying base material. Cladding products are commonly installed on doors, windows, walls, roofs, chimneys and even on fences. It is used to create a stunning finish and at the same time protect the exterior walls from further damage.

Exterior cladding products, otherwise known as sidings, provides the structural design of how you would like the house or fence look like while keeping the elements out. Although metals, aluminum and plastic is one of the most common cladding materials being used, there is another alternative cost efficient material that is increasingly gaining in popularity. And those are known as composite cladding slats.

Composite slats are scientifically engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and are resistant to rotting, bending or splinting. Made from 100% recycled materials like wood flour (sawdust), HDPE (post industrial waste) and discarded rice husks, you enjoy a great timber alternative while being a friend to the environment.

Together with UV inhibitors and anti fungal solutions as part of the material, it makes composite boards immune to cracks or splints as well as budding formation of moulds and mildew. Since it has a very low water absorption rate and is composed of some plastic material, these composite boards are the perfect defense against possible chipping, bending and termite/white ant infestations. Now that is what we call great value for your money!

And that’s not all. Composite slats are so easy to install that even children that are young in age can pitch in and help. If you’re installing them around your roof, we’d probably recommend against this though!

Now you have the perfect alternative cladding product that is Eco-friendly and not harmful on the budget.

Futurewood offers a variety of decking, fencing and cladding products to choose from. They provide a simple, easy and quick to install Do It Yourself (DIY) package that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.Cladding products of the 21st Century!

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