Commercial Painting Contractors in Tacoma: 4 Steps to a Successful Project

Industrial and commercial painting is a complex process, and it’s a lot more than waiting for a crew to show up with brushes, rollers and buckets of paint. There are several stages in a commercial project, and Commercial Painting Contractors Tacoma will pay great attention to detail in every step, whether they’re painting a one-room office or a multilevel department store. Preparation and planning are essential in the success of your project, and hiring a contractor who plans effectively will save you money, time and frustration. Here are the major steps in a commercial painting project:

1.     The estimate: This is the first step in a commercial project; your contractor begins by visually inspecting the area to be painted, and they discuss with you the project’s scope, your needs and your expectations. Ask your contractor for an estimate detailing each part of the project, rather than a vague, general idea of the cost.

2.     Preparation: Painting is important, but even more so is the prep work that goes on beforehand. During the prep stage, Commercial Painting Contractors in Tacoma will instruct workers on equipment safety, and they’ll also ready the surfaces to be painted. Good prep work is instrumental in getting paint to adhere and last; there are different methods which depend on the type of surface to be painted and the materials to be used.

3.     Painting: This might seem like the simplest of phases, but it means more than just putting paint on the wall. Painters Tacoma should familiarize themselves with paint manufacturer recommendations, as some paint types require special handling. It’s also the contractor’s responsibility to supervise the delivery of workers, materials and equipment, and that work is finished on time.

4.     Completion: Painting is the last phase where actual work is involved, but the project doesn’t really end when the crew packs up and leaves. A good contractor will walk with you around the site, addressing any concerns you have and possibly scheduling one last consultation.

After a painting project is completed, you can choose to sign up for a paint maintenance program; these are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your commercial building in tip-top shape without the need for a complete repaint.


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