Designing Your New Cabinet Doors

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Home & Garden

If your kitchen or bathroom is beginning to look a little worn around the edges it is time to consider sprucing the room up. One of the best ways to add a new element to the room at minimal cost is to replace the cabinet doors. In doing this there are a few decisions that have to be made; material, style, color, etc. To help you with the design a Cabinet Doors Depot online tool is available that will walk you through the steps.

The material: The first decision and perhaps the most important is to choose the wood species. With the wide array of wood species available this can take some time. Many suppliers of cabinet doors offer their product in maple, pine, oak and other popular woods. Picking the right finish and style to meet your expectations is very important. Not only is the color and style important for looks, it is also important for the project budget as some woods cost considerably more than others. Although most cabinet doors are solid wood there are other choices including wood and glass combinations which some people use sparingly to create a china cupboard effect in the kitchen.

Dimensions: In many cases, replacement doors just need to fit the existing cabinetry geometry, so there are not too many options. Although the doors will have to fit the opening, there is the possibility of changing. For example, one wide door can be exchanged for two narrower doors. Regardless of how this is handled, measure accurately.

Style: Cabinet Doors Depot has a number of styles available. Once the material has been selected, the next important decision is the style. You will be able to choose from classic, rustic farmhouse, vintage styles and more. The door edges can be patterned and the panels can be flat or recessed. Based on the design, the door thickness, hardware etc will be affected.

Finishes: The door color can be altered by staining or painting, and as mentioned earlier, it is also possible to fix glass inserts into the panels.

Hardware: The final stage involves selecting the hardware; hinges, door and drawer pulls. There is a huge selection, many different shapes and finishes. When making your choice remember that appearance is important, but they must also be functional.

Cabinet Doors Depot is your online shop for custom cabinet doors. You can use the online tools provided to help you in the selection of materials, finishes, edge treatment, etc.



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