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by | May 2, 2014 | Landscaping

When designing a stone patio, walkway, firepit or other paved area you want an option that will be durable and easy to take care of. Interlocking stone is a great option that covers everything you could want in a stone pathway. It is far more durable than concrete, which may cost a little less but in the long run is a lot more expensive to repair and is easier to crack. Not to mention that interlocking stone is a very attractive design for whatever paving job you may be doing. Interlocking stone’s attractive looks will not only be more attractive to your eye but it will also greatly increase the worth of your house on the real estate market in Ottawa. Interlock Companies are a growing industry and Apprize has hired the best of the best to make your paving project smooth and easy.

A Bit About How Interlocking Stone Works

Our interlock company in Ottawa uses 3 steps to quickly install your paving project so you it will not get in the way of your everyday life. The steps include:

Excavating – It’s determined which area you want to pave and an indentation is made in the ground to lay the base and the stones in. This is important to make sure the stones stay in place for a long time and will eventually look like they are part of the natural ground. (Tip: An old rustic looking stone path would look excellent in any backyard)

Adding the stone base – This is done by pouring a mixture of wet gravel and sand into the indentation in the ground and slowly letting it dry until you are ready to lay the stones in. This is another important process in keeping everything together. Interlock stone companies make sure everything is done with fine detail so the path will look new and awesome for years to come.

Laying the paving stone – Of course the final step is laying in the stones that bring it all together and make it look as good as it does. Interlock stone companies have a wide selection available of beautiful stones that will bring your path together nicely and suite your individual tastes.

Talk to us about your wants and needs. We’re skilled, experienced, and care about making sure our customers are thrilled with the results.

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