Finding a Job Might be Easier Once you Have a Temporary Position

Finding a job these days can be hard, really hard. There will be enormous chunks of time when you feel like no one is interested in hiring you. Although everyone has stood in your shoes, there are something’s you can do to make the task of finding a job easier, and the length of time you’re unemployed easier.

Employers can sense when you’re desperate for work. When you need a paycheck in order to pay your rent and buy groceries, you can appear frantic. While they want you to be eager and passionate, they don’t want your paycheck to be the only reason you’re interested in working for their company, they want you to have a genuine interest in the type of work you do, and the people you will be working with. Another reason some employers hesitate when it comes to hiring people desperate for a job is because the employer worries desperation will have caused you to fudge your resume, and over state your ability to do a job.

If you really need to work, take a break from looking for a job, and turn your attention to temporary employment agencies. The agency will take your information and pair you with an employer who’s looking for temporary help. Now that you have a paycheck coming in, you can relax and change the way you approach your job search. While it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s not uncommon for a person who has taken on an employee on a temporary basis to find a permanent home for them in the firm.

When you’re not performing your duties in the temporary position the agency found you, you should focus your attention on your employment resume. In addition to a written resume, some people have taken things a step further and created a dynamic and visual representation of the reasons employers should hire them. The portfolio needs to include detailed information about your personal strengths, your education, the skills you’ll bring to the job, and what special abilities you have. You might want to tweak the portfolio a little depending on the exact type of job you’re applying for.

Once you’re portfolio has been completed, it’s time to turn your attention to the way you handle yourself during a job interview. Talk your friends into conducting several practice interviews and having them provide feedback. This needs to be detailed, get information about your facial expression, body language, and the speed you talk. You should even find out what they think about the clothing you wear to the interview. In addition to getting interviewed by your friends, you should also interview them, you’ll be surprised by the amount you learn while sitting the other side of the table.

For the last 35 years, the Lanmark Staffing Agency has been helping match individuals in need of jobs in Orange with employers. Many positions became permanent.

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