Finishing Your Basement The Right Way

by | Aug 26, 2019 | General

Are you thinking of finishing your basement, but you’re worried about structural issues that might be covered up by drywall? Not to worry—by working with the professionals at Apex Waterproofing, rest assured that any solutions needed, such as foundation crack repair or waterproofing, will be completed as an integral part of your basement remodeling project.

Let’s look at a few critical areas that the team will assess to ensure the full success of your project.

Check for Cracks

It’s essential to check for cracks in the foundation before covering the walls and floor; even small cracks should be fixed as they are found. Smaller cracks can be sealed with an epoxy-injection approach. Larger cracks can be a sign of shifting foundation or ground instability, but even these more significant problems can be solved before beginning your basement remodel work.

Check for Water

Does your basement already have a musty smell or feel? That is typically a sign that undesired moisture is finding its way into the space—through the floor, the walls, or other problem areas. Often it can lead to mildew or mold, possibly causing health problems by contaminating the air. By completing a full moisture assessment and a comprehensive waterproofing plan, be assured that excess moisture will not be a problem in your finished space.

Create a Smart Design

Working within your budget and space, the team at company name can help you come up with a basement remodel design that takes advantage of all the space your basement can offer. They can help you keep current trends in mind as well as practical considerations that possible future homeowners may appreciate.

By keeping all the pieces in mind and doing the job right, your basement remodel project can be a great success, adding value to your home and adding enjoyable and useable space for your family.

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