Hammer Mills For Sale Oregon: What they Are

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

The hammer mill is a piece of machinery used for crushing or shredding materials into lesser pieces. The design involves a rotating shaft that is attached to free swinging hammers. Hammer mills for sale in Oregon are enclosed in drums that are intended to hold the material for pulverization. A hopper is used for feeding the source material into this drum, and the hammers progressively break down the material until it is fine enough to pass through the screen that corresponds to the preferred particle sizes.

Most types of hammer mills are used in residential, agricultural, research and industrial applications. The hammer mill can be undersized to sit on a counter top running on household current or large enough to shred cars. Some of the larger sized units have diesel engines capable of producing more than 2,000 horsepower. These large mills can pulverize cars into small fist-sized pieces that are then processed to make new metal products. The axis on the hammer mill’s rotating shaft can be in a horizontal or vertical position with the horizontal configuration being more popular.

Farmers employ the use of hammer mills found at Leon James Construction Co., Inc. to pulverize grains for livestock feed. The machines are able to process diverse types of materials and produce particles of different sizes by changing the output screens. Hammer mills for this application operate at 1,800 rpm (revolutions per minute), and the tips of hammers can achieve speeds of up to 60 mph. The particles produced are uniform and have a rotund shape.

Other applications for hammer mills include industrial concerns such as in recycling operations that include stone crushing, bio fuel production and paper production. Grinding grain to produce ethanol or pulverizing fruits for juice production are other industrial applications of hammer mills.

When looking to purchase small hammer mills for sale Oregon, buyers sometimes use them in the laboratories for grinding materials intended for experiments and growing media. Other mills are used in the processing of spices, foods and food waste. The garbage-dumping unit is actually a variation of the hammer mill as it has a disk that has fixed teeth as well as grinding surfaces in place of free swinging hammers.

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