Heavy Texture, Light Texture or Smooth: Which Textured Wall coverings are Right for Your Design Project

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home Improvement

The three main options for textured wall coverings include heavy texture, light texture and smooth. While there are thousands of different designs and patterns to choose from, finding the right texture is one of the key components to absolutely loving your final wall coverings. Many heavy textured wall coverings include the paperweave, seagrass or hemp patterns, with the lighter and smooth textures focusing on lighter more broken up patterns and designs. Your personal preference, the particular room application and overall durability are all factors to think about when considering textured wall coverings. This article talks about heavy, light and smooth textured patterns, gives some examples of each, and offers different prime application examples.

Heavy Texture Wall Coverings

Heavy texture wall coverings include more distinguished and prominent patterns like bamboo and paper-weave. These bold looks offer unique design features to almost any room in your house. If you are looking for bold earthy patterns or vibrant heavy colors that bring your walls to life look into heavy texture covering options. Heavy textured patterns are commonly found in breezeways and covered patio rooms as well as new age home offices and modern, stylish, apartments. The bold statement that heavy textured wall coverings can make is becoming more and more popular in interior design.

Light Textured Coverings or Completely Smooth

Light Textured wall coverings include more even colors, but are not limited to, only the moot and mundane. Vibrant and beautiful reds, blues, pinks and purples or darker grays and seafoam greens are available in light and smooth textured patterns. In fact, there are thousands of options to choose from at most professional wall coverings dealers. If you are looking for soft even tones to help bring warmth to a room, or bold vivid colors was just a light textured pattern throughout, contact your local dealer and see the options that are available in both light and smooth textured patterns.

Where you are applying your wall coverings, the type of patterns, colors, design options available, and of course price, are all factors to consider when choosing heavy, light, or smooth textured wall coverings. Ultimately, you may look at the heavy textured and light textured and decide to go a different path towards dry erase protection options. No matter what wall covering options you decide to go with, make sure you only purchase through a quality, professional company who cares about your interior design goals. To protect your walls and add an amazing new look to your room or entire home, choose textured wallcoverings. Many are easy to apply and can add a stunning new look without huge preparation or the need for an outside contractor.

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