How to Effectively Deal with your Drain Cleaning Emergencies in Birmingham

Fortunately, most households these days are equipped with efficient draining systems, which provide us with a more comfortable lifestyle and an easier management of domestic routines. However, clogged drains are not a rare occurrence and they can be rather stubborn to have to deal. Nonetheless, these domestic hitches can be dealt with personally. So, before opting for a professional drain cleaning service in Birmingham, you can try a few tricks that may prove to be successful:

* Plunging the faulty drain, be it in the sink of your bathroom, kitchen or any other pipe area in the household is the first step to take. At times the solution to a blocked drain can be straightforward as simply unclogging the sink with a plunger.

* Chemical products are a more drastic solution and are best avoided, unless you really cannot get the drains cleared by plunging them. Try and steer clear of toxic products and never let them stand for more than six hours, as they can damage pipes, depending on the type installed in your drainage system. The fumes can be dangerous, especially for children. So, make sure you are aware of the side effects relating to the products you intend to use.

* Call a professional. If none of the first two options work, then it is time to call a drain cleaning service in Birmingham. Sometimes you can seriously damage your drains with products or other methods such as inserting objects in the pipes in the attempt to remove the blockage.

Precautions to take when calling for a Professional Plumbing Service

Locate a qualified drain cleaning service amongst the many available in the Birmingham area, by asking around or browsing on the Internet. Keep to the recommended services that can boast positive customer reviews. Unfortunately, you usually need a plumber when already faced with an emergency, which leaves you little time to search, as the problem has to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Do not panic, ask for help and a second opinion by contacting a reliable homeowner acquaintance you trust. Those who actually own a home have had to deal with similar problems at least once before. They will most likely be able to provide you with the name of a trusted professional. However, before you actually call for a plumbing service make sure you keep the following issues in mind:

* Demand for the plumber’s license number.

* Make it clear that you will be turning the matter over to your home insurance agent. This will allow you to assess the validity of the plumber’s credentials, as those who are untrustworthy will not agree to this.

* Ask for a bid beforehand, as reliable plumbers should be able to quote a price unless the damage is behind a wall or ceiling therefore difficult to assess.

* Check on the service’s warranty before you decide to hire them. They should be able to guarantee a fast intervention time lapse and an acceptable period implementation.

Keep in mind that in most cases the cause of blocked drains is due to soaps and hair, which, mingled create the dreaded blockage. To avoid future problems simply keep all the drainpipes free from debris by installing a wire mesh, which prevents most of the hair getting into the pipes. Regularly remove the hair and flush the pipes with bicarbonate and hot water to remove the build-up of scum.

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