How to Find a Competent and Reliable Chimney Cleaner

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Chimneys, like other structures and parts of your home, need thorough cleaning from time to time. Basically, a neglected fireplace or chimney will gather a substantial amount of tar and ash. If a fireplace is neglected for a long time, the accumulated ash may cause suffocation or even generate accidental and unwanted fire. In addition to that, an unmaintained and neglected fireplace can trigger or develop adverse health conditions such as asthma and allergies.

In order to get the best possible results from your fireplace or chimney cleaning, you need to consider hiring a professional chimney cleaning contractor. When it comes fireplace cleaning, these professional contractors would certainly do a better job than you would. Keep in mind that these professional contractors clean wood burning chimneys and fireplace inserts in St. Paul MN for a living.

There are a lot of professional contractors that provide cleaning services for fireplace inserts and other types of chimneys in St. Paul MN. Unfortunately, not all of them can provide the results that you want. There are some chimney cleaning contractors that provide quality services, while there are others that produce substandard results. In order to get the right cleaning contractor for your chimney or fireplace, make sure to consider these suggestions and tips:

Ask around

One of the simplest ways to find a competent and trustworthy professional fireplace cleaner is to ask around. With assistance of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, relatives and family, gather recommendations pertaining to best and most trusted fireplace cleaners in your area. Also, through these people, make sure to get tips on how to land the best and most affordable deals for chimney cleaning services.

Get more information

Once you have gathered recommendations, check the background and history of each professional fireplace cleaning contractor. Also, using your internet connection, make sure to gather vital details such as the company’s type of services, years of operation and rates of their services. However, if the chimney cleaning company does not have a website, visit them personally and get vital details about the company.


Only consider fireplace sweepers that are certified and accredited by organizations that regulate chimney cleaning and repair services.  If you live in the USA, check if your fireplace cleaning contractor is accredited by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Certified Chimney Professionals, and the Chimney Sweeps Guild. If you found out that your current fireplace cleaning contractor is not accredited to any of these organizations, make sure to consider hiring a different chimney cleaning contractor.

Visit the Better Business Bureau

When looking for a chimney cleaning contractor, make sure to pay a visit to your area’s Better Business Bureau. Once you are inside the BBB’s office, ask for referrals and recommendations regarding the finest chimney contractors in your area. Also, through the Better Business Bureau, check if there are any recent customer complaints filed against your candidates. Through the pieces of information given by the BBB, evaluate which chimney cleaning contractor is best for you. If you are unable to get access to your area’s BBB, visit them through their official website.

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