Skylights – A Better Kind of Lighting

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Home Improvement

Solar Skylights are a great option for providing interior lighting both in commercial and residential spaces. Skylights come in a variety of designs that are affordable, long lasting and easy to install. They are available in both glass and plastic and in a variety of glazes and finishes. Skylights also provide the best type of lighting possible: natural daylight from the sun. Some of the benefits of natural sunlight:

  • Sunlight is a superior color to artificial lighting
  • Sunlight is healthy light, for your family and coworkers
  • Sunlight has been shown in studies to boost performance and productivity

Beautiful, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Whether in your home or business, Solar Skylights are a beautiful, efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide interior lighting. Skylights provide a warm, natural light that illuminates and defines architecture and detail in a way that no other lighting can. Not only is sunlight more aesthetically pleasing, but by harnessing the light from the sun, it is the most efficient and environmentally friendly form of interior lighting available. Solar skylights can also save you money in terms of heating and cooling. Skylights can be opened or closed for temperature control and to let in fresh air. Skylights are completely safe because they can be automated to open and close automatically either on a schedule or with rain sensors. Skylights can be also be fitted with hurricane resistant glass that will be safe in any kind of disaster.

The Best Quality of Light

Solar Skylights let in natural sunlight that is simply better quality light. Sunlight has a superior color temperature that provides better color and detail. It is better for work, reading and even watching television. Unlike a traditional roof, skylights can also provide valuable ventilation, which means fresher air and even more long term cost savings. Natural light let’s people see better, which makes them happier, healthier and more productive. A 1999 recent study of 44 schools in California found that students scored 20 – 26% higher on standardized test when exposed to natural light through skylights rather than artificial light. Not only is natural sunlight better for people, but plants and animals benefit as well. All living things need the sun to flourish and grow.

Solar Skylights – Wasco Skylights offer a wide range of models and designs that are perfect for the home and office, as well as a versatility that can accommodate any kind of project and budget. Learn more about solar skylights and how they can benefit your home and business.

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