How to Handle Special Rug Problems

If you’re like most people, you find that you spend a lot of your time inside. Following a good rug maintenance program will help you to maximise the benefits of your rug while at the same time increasing comfort, safety and overall appeal. On top of that, a clean rug helps to cut down on health related concerns and virtually eliminate dust and dirt build up. As you place more emphasis on rugs cleaning in Middlesex you can help to ensure that your home environment is safe, healthy and inviting for all of your family and friends.

Repairing Discoloured Spots in Your Rug

It’s tempting to simply take the biggest chair you can find and put it over the damaged spot. However you can take a wiser approach and restore your rug to its original pristine condition with this easy trick. If your carpet is stained or a spot remover had altered the colour of your rug, a little artists’ acrylic paint can help. Take your time, and touch up small places with an acrylic paint that will blend easily with colours in the rug.

The Trick to Fixing Depressions in Your Rug

As for depressions that are left in a rug by heavy furniture, steaming is the right way to go. Take a steam iron and place it close enough to the depressed spot on the rug that the steam reaches it. Be careful not to let the iron touch the fibres, especially if the rug is synthetic. Synthetic fibres can melt and essentially ruin your rug completely. Again, use this method with absolute caution.

While you are repairing a depression, you might spot a loose thread on your rug. If this happens, snip the thread and resist the urge to pull or tug at it. Pulling it can cause the entire rug to unravel. If at any time you are uncomfortable tackling the spots or the depressions on your own, don’t be afraid to call on a professional. An expert who specialises in cleaning rugs Middlesex can save your carpet and restore it in a way you never imagined. Though that can cost money and put some people off, the added peace of mind is well worth it.

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