How To Select The Electric Warm Air Hand Dryer Supplier For Your Establishment

We all tend to avoid giving too much thought to the hygiene facilities in public places. We may refer to them as bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms or any other euphemism for the place we go to when we wish to use a toilet while away from our homes. However, once we are inside one, we do have certain expectations regarding the sanitary conditions and levels of hygiene that we are about to encounter.

Not only do we expect the toilet to appear clean and smell nice, we demand to be able to wash our hands afterwards (this applies equally to the toilet stall area or the urinals in the “mensroom”). There has to be at least one clean sink with running hot water and some form of soap dispenser (bars of soap are not considered hygienic these days).

Then, of course, we are going to want to hygienically dry those freshly washed hands. We are no longer satisfied when we see re-usable textile toweling and many of us are not all that happy about using disposable paper towels either. These days, our expectations have risen to preferring to see a warm air electric hand dryer amongst the facilities available in a well run public bathroom.

Someone Is Responsible For Every Restroom

Since public restrooms are provided in premises frequented by the public (whether at work, play, travelling or simply shopping), the owners of said premises have a duty to provide not only sufficient restrooms but to maintain them in good condition and safe for public use. Whether setting up new facilities or renovating old ones, the person responsible will need to check out what is available and select a suitable Hand Dryer Supplier.

Commercial Appliance Store, Wholesaler Or Factory Direct?

A Hand Dryer Supplier could be any one of these and this choice will be made based upon the number of dryers to be purchased. For a small business, there might only be two washrooms –one for male and another for female staff. Whereas a new school or hospital may need 50 or so new restrooms and, probably they will need more than one dryer per restroom.

Country Of Origin

The cheapest dryers are usually made in China but, how reliable are they and are spare parts readily available should something malfunction? The basic warm air hand dryer was an American invention and one that, to this day, is still being manufactured here in America. If you select a Hand Dryer Supplier that carries one of these American models, you should be reassured as to availability of spare parts.

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