What Is A Gardening Shovel And Can I Get One Online?

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Home & Garden

The term gardening shovel is somewhat vague and putting it into context rather depends on what you believe a shovel to be. You can buy a Gardening Shovel Online but, before you try to do so, it would be a good idea to clarify exactly what it is that you wish to purchase.

As They Might Say In Kentucky, Horses For Courses

Ignoring the realms of mechanical shovels, all shovels are hand held tools that are used to move dirt, sand, soil, snow or anything else of a similar nature. Shovels are easily confused with spades and, in fact, these days the two terms are more or less interchangeable when used as nouns. We do tend to be more specific when using the verb “shoveling” (strange that, although there is a “spading” verb, we very rarely use it; preferring to say instead – “to dig with a spade”).

So, we may shovel up snow in our garden with a snow shovel and dig a backyard vegetable patch with a digging shovel but, are either of these actually the gardening shovel that we wish to buy online? There are just too many different kinds of shovel and each one is purpose designed to perform a specific function. And, many of these functions could be performed in your garden. When searching for your Gardening Shovel Online bear in mind what you wish to do with it once you have made your purchase and taken delivery.

Big Jobs

For the big jobs like clearing a patch of weeds from a fair sized, over grown area, you are going to need a substantial shovel. However, you may find it more convenient to use (and store) one with a short shaft – probably with a “D” shaped handle at the top end. Should you need to dig out substantial shrubs or small trees, a longer shafted shovel may make the job easier.

Small Jobs

If you need to purchase a Gardening Shovel online is for a small tool that you can hold in one hand and use for lifting small plants out of their soil – moving a seedling from the growing tray and placing it in a pot for example. Then the type of shovel that you will need is the one that is also known as a garden trowel.

Shovel, Spade, Trowel

With different words meaning different things to different people, maybe your search for a Gardening Shovel Online should start with an image search? That way, you can quickly identify the type of shovel you want and go directly to its online store.

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