Keep House Cool with Air Conditioning in Hillsboro Area

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Cooling systems are an essential part to any home or business. Without the proper cooling, the space can be unbearable to live or work in. Proper cooling also helps to regulate the humidity of an area, and helps to keep the airflow at a proper rate. There are many choices for cooling systems within a space, but the most common is to have a central air conditioning unit. These units connect with the duct work within a home or building to circulate cool air to each and every corner. Whether upgrading to a more efficient unit, or just maintaining a current unit, it is a good idea to use the expertise of the local Air conditioning Hillsboro specialists to make sure everything is running at a peak level.

Getting an air conditioning unit serviced each year is one small thing that owners can do to make sure the unit continues to work properly. A good air conditioning unit should last twenty five years, but owners are only going to get that kind of longevity if the unit is properly cared for. Having an Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning specialist come out once a year to test the coolant levels and give the unit a good cleaning is an effective and inexpensive way to keep things running smoothly.

Having a unit serviced is especially important for older units, but it is also something that should be done on newer units as well. When an air conditioning unit gets too old to properly cool a home or building, then it is time to look at a new one. The Air conditioning Hillsboro experts are able to recommend the best unit to most efficiently cool the space needed. The newer air conditioning units are much more efficient than older ones. They are able to use less energy to cool the same or larger spaces.

Newer units are also going to be able to regulate the temperature in a space more effectively. The new coolant and quieter motors run so smoothly that it is sometimes difficult to tell if the unit is even on. When hiring anyone to do this type of work, it is vital to check their references and make sure they have a positive track record with past customers.

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