To Replace, or to Clean?

Some sofas you just can’t say goodbye to. Comfortable, soft, cushy…you just don’t want to go on a search for another sofa – there is just no other sofa for you. Or do you have a family heirloom, passed down from grandparents that you can’t part ways with? Whether you are attached in some way, or just don’t want the headache of furniture shopping, utilizing Upholstery Cleaning Services may be a great option for you.

You may have wear and tear from having children, or if it is furniture that just has seen better days, instead of replacing, it may be smart to first check out different Upholstery Cleaning Services. Many use different methods, so a little research in your area could save you money, as well as frustration if it isn’t done just right, or to your specifications. You want your furniture free of spills and stains, free of visual wear and tear. Many Upholstery cleaners can restore your furniture to look like new, or almost new, again.

Many Upholstery Cleaning Services will come out and inspect the furniture in advance, so they know what to expect, and exactly which products to bring. If necessary, they will also do a pre-treatment, a deep dirt removal, and use a hot water extraction method (if applicable) to pull the dirt and debris out of the furniture. Some will even blow dry the items until they are ready to use. Typically, services take about an hour per piece of furniture. Most upholstery cleaning services take special care with your furniture to remove tough soils on even the most delicate fabric. Since many will perform their duties right there in your home, they may use a special tool that prevents over spray on to other pieces of furniture, or your carpets and floors.

Other Upholstery Cleaning Services use Eco-friendly products to clean your furniture. A few things to look for when searching for an Eco-friendly upholstery cleaner include: the use of non-toxic chemicals, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable products used, that it is safe for children, pets, and even plants, and that it does not emit carbon dioxide into the environment. Some of these companies even have their employees take courses to ensure the process is environmentally safe.

No matter who you decide to go with to clean your precious furniture, as always, do your research to ensure your getting the best price for the most reliable work.

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