Myths About Prefab Modern Homes

As our population continues to grow quickly so does the need for housing, and as building costs increase it can be difficult to affordably build a home. It is for this reason that Prefab Modern Modular Homes are gaining in popularity as they did back in the 1950’s. Another reason for this is that today’s prefab home is much different than the ones built back then. To best explain why someone should take another look at them, let’s go over a few of the myths about prefab homes.

MYTH: Prefab Modern Homes are plain, unattractive and small.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today’s prefab homes have many gorgeous features and are available in sizes larger than you would imagine. While you can still go with homes under 1,000 square feet, there are also options up to nearly 3,000 square feet. Two-story options are also available.

MYTH: Financing is near impossible because they depreciate.

While this is true of mobile homes, it is not true of prefab homes. They do not depreciate as proven by studies conducted and thus are just as easy to obtain financing as a traditional stick home.

MYTH: They all look the same.

Today’s Prefab Modern Homes have a huge variety to choose from – including ranch style, cape cod style and two-story homes. Investors are even purchasing the duplex style now available and businesses turn to them for office space as well. Furthermore, once the homes are fully assembled and placed it is practically impossible to tell it is a prefab building.

MYTH: Prefab homes are poorly insulated.

Prefab homes are held to building regulations just as other homes and will thus have just as much insulation. Just as someone working with a builder of a stick home can request additional insulation, they can with a prefab home as well. Even the standard has been given a 4-star rating for air leakage which means none of the drafts predecessors had.

Besides debunking these myths, a few truths should also be considered. First of all, just the fact that these types of homes have been around consistently since the 1950’s tells you they have stood the test of time. Considering that nearly everything you buy is now produced on an assembly line, why wouldn’t it make sense for your home to be built this way as well?

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