Keep Your Mail Secure with a Locking Mailbox

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

When you want to make sure that your mail is kept secure, invest in a locking mailbox. This is a perfect solution for home owners that have mailboxes that are located close to the street, which are more susceptible to having mail stolen. A locking mailbox protects your personal information and keeps your packages safe. With decorative mailboxes being able to be designed as a locked mailbox, not only will your mail be safer, street mailboxes create a stylish streetscape.

Locking Mailboxes that Are Not Obvious

It is important that a mailbox with a locking option is not obvious. The locking feature should be a hidden reinforcement that cannot be seen on the outside of the mailbox. This makes it easier for a locking mailbox to blend in with the rest of the mailboxes along the street. Some of the best locking mailboxes are made from steel and have a brushed nickel and black finish. Business owners may want to invest in dual-mount mailboxes that lock. Instillation is easy since most mailboxes require to be directly buried in the ground where they are to be placed.

Different Types of Mailboxes for Street Views

If you live in a neighborhood that likes to make sure all of the residents keep a certain look, then a side mount mailbox with an address plaque may be just the mailbox for you. Neighborhoods tend to have the same type of mailboxes lining the streets. This creates a unified look that allows residents to keep their mail safe with a locking mailbox that is completely unnoticeable.

Locking Mailboxes Make Sure You Receive All of Your Mail

Another type of lockable mailbox is the top mount single unit. You can easily use the top mount to show your address or house number, even a suite number if you are using them for business mail purposes. Regardless of where you install them, lockable mailboxes that are lined up along the street not only keep your mail safe, they also look uniform. In a business district, this makes for a very sharp looking streetscape. You can easily speak with the business district and use all of the same types of mailboxes to continue with the unified look. When speaking with professional manufacturers of locking mailboxes, find out all of the different ways you can have a mailbox customized to suit your needs.

Brandon Industries Inc. offers a superb line of street mailboxes with many different features. Choose the locking mailbox style that suits your purposes best and enjoy the relief you feel knowing your mail is protected.

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