Knowing Roofer Basics in Johnston

You don’t have to know all there is to know about roofing when you hire someone. That’s why you are hiring someone to do the work in the first place, right? Getting a great roofer in Johnston is easy, but it is a good idea for you to have a basic understanding of the process to help ensure that you get the best job done.

By educating yourself on roofing basics you will be able to ask the right questions of your potential roofing company. Here are a few of the most basic pieces of information that you should know before speaking with a roofing professional.

– New Roofs – If you are looking to have your roof redone, it is better to have the old roof stripped off and a completely new roof applied. Yes, this is more expensive, but it is also better in the long run. If you aren’t removing the old roof, inspections can’t be done, there could be unseen damage, and it will need to be replaced sooner. This could also mean that your warranty won’t be acknowledged.

– Nailing Patterns – If the individual shingles of your roof aren’t installed properly, this could void your warranty and lead to damage. It is important that proper nailing patterns are followed. A good roofer in Johnston is going to know this and understand the right pattern and process for nailing down shingles. It isn’t a random process.

– Ventilation – Your roof is a main point of ventilation for your home. Roofers need to have a clear understanding of ventilation. This will help prevent mold, dry rot, and other structural problems in your entire home. A roofer needs to create proper ventilation for the weather extremes that happen where you live.

Ultimately, anything that your roofer says that they can, or will, do needs to be put in writing. Only with a clear and clean contract can you be sure that there won’t be any misunderstandings on your part or on their part. A professional roofer is going to be willing to create a strong contract that lists everything that they have promised to do.

It is also important to get the name and information on your roofer’s General Liability insurance company. If something should happen while your roofers are working, you don’t want to be the one they come after for payment. Any reputable roofer will have Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance and be willing to prove that.

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