Popular Roofing Styles Installed by a Roofing Contractor in Joliet

by | May 9, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

A roof happens to be the most distinguishing elements of any home. This is because it serves two purposes. The first of these purposes happens to be protecting the whole house from elements of the weather. The second and the more emphasized is the fact that a roof contributes to the aesthetic beauty of a house. In order to have a roof that is both artistic and practical, you need an experienced roofing contractor in Joliet. Here are some of the most popular roofing styles.

The gable roof
It is the most common roofing style in the US and Europe. The roof is made in a triangular shape in order to allow maximum runoff. The degree of slope varies from one roof to the next. The downside of having this type of roof is the fact that it leaves two sides of the building unprotected. However, the roof looks great on almost all types of house designs.

A variation of this roof style is known as the cross gable roof. It is a type of roof that is a series of gable roof designs that intersect. This design is used on houses that have a design that is more complex than a simple rectangular outlay.

Hipped roofs
Hipped roofs are roofs that are designed in such a way that they slope upwards from all the sides of a building. They end in extended eaves which mean that they protect all sides of a building from elements of the weather. They are popular because they provide ample shelter on the porches. They also go well with different house designs.

A cross hipped roof is a variation the hipped roof design. It is a series of hipped roofs that intersect at various points of the building. They are used in houses whose footprint is more complex than a simple square or rectangle shape.

Those are the two main roofing styles that are applied in the country. An experienced roofing contractor in Joliet will help you chose the best roof design for you. In addition to that, they offer gutter replacement in Orland Park. For more information and to ask for a roofer, go to website.

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