The Dangers of Wood Rot

by | May 9, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When you own a home, you want to keep it safe. However, there are things that can crop up and damage your home in unexpected ways. Wood rot in Panama City, FL is one of those unexpected things that can affect your house in very bad ways. There are a few different causes of wood rot that can cause damage to your structure.


The number one cause of wood rot is moisture. Because Panama City is close the ocean, you need to be extra aware of the amount of moisture in your home. Water can seep into unprotected or poorly protected wood, making it weak and soggy. Weak, moist wood can bend and slip, creating issues with your home. This weakness can affect the foundation supports, exterior walls, roofing, ceilings, and wall studs in your home. Basically, any structure in your home that in constructed from wood can be affected by wood rot in Panama City, FL.


Temperature is another key cause of wood rot. The fungus that causes wood rot is most active in high temperatures, which are common in Florida. The high temperatures, combined with moisture and low lighting (which the fungus needs) all add up to trouble. These conditions are common in areas like basements and attics where there is a high amount of wetness, lots of heat, and very little light. These conditions cause the fungus to grow and spread throughout your home, even to areas that may not adhere to the ideal conditions.

Effects on the Home

The effects this can have on your home are catastrophic. Any weakness in the wood can cause breaking, chipping, warping, or collapsing. The occurrence of any of these can have an immediate and terrible effect on your home. Wood rot in Panama City, FL can cause anything from just a terrible smell in your home to complete ruin. Once you suspect your home may have wood rot, you should contact a local profession to come have a look at your home and provide you with answers and repairs. This can mean the difference between small repairs now and huge repairs later on. You should spend a little money on repairing your home now to prevent spending much more on additional repairs down the line.

Moisture and temperature are the leading causes of wood rot in Panama City, FL. If your home is showing any signs of wood rot, contact a local repair company like Beaches Construction for further information and repairs. Protecting your home against wood rot can mean the difference between safety and ruin for you and your house.

Learning the causes of wood rot in Panama City, FL can help you prevent damage to your home. Wood rot in Panama City, FL can leave your home in ruins if not prevented.

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